With whom I love to work

Who you are

The open-minded and learning-oriented leader, often (but not exclusively) from the Tech, Financial Services or Consulting industry. We share a passion for the development of human potential. 

You believe that in today’s business world, change is not a singular event but continuous process. You do not want to fall in the trap of other leaders who more or less run on auto-pilot by using successful recipes and behaviors of the past in the face of totally new situations and challenges.

A neutral external perspec­tive

Yes, it is possible but not always best to face these new situations all by yourself. Leadership responsibility is often accompanied by a certain degree of loneliness. Everyone involved has his or her own interests at heart in one way or another, and can therefore never be truly neutral. You recognize the value of having a trusted, professional and completely neutral external sparring partner to enhance and to accelerate your development.


Given my professional background you will often, although not exclusively, be holding a leadership position in the Tech, Financial Services, Private Equity or Consulting industry. Although many leadership issues are generic it can be an advantage to really understand the context you are working in. 

I had the luck to have Bertram at my side in a very challenging phase of my professional life. With his expertise and knowledge -coupled with his personable and humorous manner – he was able to provide me with right impetus and food for thought to take the appropriate decision. 

Leader, 42Tech company (Nasdaq)