What you will get

Accelerating and intensifying the development of your individual leadership capabilities and leadership style. 

Typical Assign­ments

  • Developing an authentic leadership style based on your highly individual strengths and personality
  • Expanding your leadership capabilities in the face of new or bigger challenges
  • Creating a high performance leadership team and distributing leadership in the organization
  • Transitioning into a new role
  • Building trust and creating a culture which fosters development
  • Coping with the stresses of leadership and finding ways to refuel the energies
  • Finding new inspiration in your professional and private life
  • Preparing the transition into a new phase, e.g. a new career or retirement


I had the feeling that Bertram really tunes in to my personal situation which impressed me. In a positive sense he ‘fried my thoughts’ with great focus, the unimportant stuff was ‘charred mercilessly’. Thereby I became much clearer about my challenges and most important about myself. 

CEO and company founder, 52Service industry

Excellent Executive Coaching tailored to my individual situation. Due, in particular, to Bertram’s extensive professional experience, it was possible to quickly establish a personal connection. Thanks to Bertram’s coaching I gained new and in-depth insights and was able to work out and to implement very concrete personal proposals for action. 

Leader, 45Tech company (Nasdaq)

Bertram combines a wealth of professional experience with great empathy and the ability to very quickly get to the heart of what the coachee needs. I learnt a lot in the sessions for my personal and professional development. Bertram rocks.

Leader, 49 FinTech company