How I work with you

Each assignment is a partnership. It is unique and highly individual. The key question is what is most useful to you in this particular moment. 


I like to describe my work as “standing on the balcony:”  Good leaders do both: they perform on stage AND they observe themselves and reflect on their actions. The balcony symbolizes a save space for reflection detached from the dynamics and pressures of reality. This process creates clarity, opens up new perspectives and facilitates conscious decision-making. Good leaders regularly move between these two poles, the stage and the balcony.  And a trustworthy, neutral and experienced sparring partner can support and intensify this process tremendously.

Coaching Process

At the beginning of each assignment the focus is on building a trustful relationship and to agree on specific and measurable development goals. This step can be supported by individual interviews with selected staff and/or a 360-survey.

You will bring specific situations, questions or problems to each coaching session, my responsibility is to guide the process on order to maximize learning with regard to the agreed goals. If appropriate I will share my professional experience with you and will provide you with new possibilities and approaches in a very concrete way.

At the end of a project there will be a thorough review based on a short 360-degree survey as well as a joint outlook into the future. 

Great leaders act AND reflect.